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posing laying

Nights of work…

...have finally paid off! I’ve found a way to display things on my corporate artwork page. After trying many plug-ins and photo-blogs, I abandoned them and just put the code in myself! There was always something that just displayed wrongly or the file layout didn’t work. You get to the point of your forefinger hovering over the ‘uninstall everything’ option, (or as a friend with a french computer describes as OPTION DESTRUCTIVE), but I have a streak of determination that will just not let anything pretty die. Jessica Simpson would be an exception.

So, if you’re looking to add a gallery to your blog; I can’t help you.
Well let me say I can suggest things for you to try, at least. For my own gallery, I put all the HTML tags in manually and changed the stylesheet to space them out nicely. To help me with the images, I used a plug-in called iimage-browser. Yes, those two ‘i’s are on purpose. It’s great for organising any images uploaded to your site into directories. Contrary to the user comments, it DOES create thumbnails for you when you upload. Although it wasn’t really made for creating galleries and wouldn’t be great for hundreds of photos, it is good for inserting pictures on posts and pages sparadically or in small groups.

Other options I tried were Plogger.org and Zenphoto.org. These weren’t built to be put inside another blog, but say they can be integrated into one. Plogger (such an unfortunate name in my mind), seemed to be going well, and I’d got the album chooser appearing on one of my pages. However, as I chose an album from the list, it always redirected me to my homepage instead of showing any pictures. I realised that because my website is a based around my blog, rather than the blog being fitted into a pre-made site, the folder system that wordpress (God bless them) had created meant that I couldn’t direct plogger to the right files. If you didn’t understand any of what I just typed: it didn’t work and I’d have to do a LOT of work to change that.
Zenphoto showed signs of being less bothersome. You’d think it would be less so, as it names itself Zen. I imagined myself floating over to the keyboard and barely brushing the mouse buttons to instantly see my gallery images appear in exactly the right place. Installed and logged in, I was presented with a powdery blue interface with minimalist writing and buttons.
I discovered it was too minimalist as I looked at the gallery. The stylesheet was still at yoga class, as it hadn’t showed up to layout my gallery or give it any colour. I tried a few more times, but uninstalled. Again, I blame the lack of results on the wordpress file system which seems to create folders for different pages of your site. This is a lie! It uses PHP to read the words in the address bar and redirect you to a page in the main folder.

In conclusion, if you want a fancy gallery on your website then make it parallel to your wordpess blog and link them both to a empty site design / static front page. Another option is to link to fully-fledged photo-blogs. Sites like www.flickr.com (I HATE this site’s name - the american who thought of it is a wankr), and gallery are fantastic. I’m just over-controlling and wanted it my way.

If you think I’m wrong, I’d be delighted to hear how you’ve done it. I actually want to be wrong here.


posing laying

September 2008

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